Book list: What books do New Yorkers read on the subway?

Two years ago, the German girl Uli Beutter Cohen moved to New York to settle down.

Uli found an interesting phenomenon when he took the subway between Queens and Brooklyn several times:

On the subway, regardless of men, women and children, no matter who is standing next to them, whether standing or sitting, most people are watching the book quietly.

At some point, she felt that the New York subway was like a microcosm of literature.

In Uri’s original life, few people who read books on the subway. Moreover, due to the popularity of mobile phones and various electronic products, there are fewer and fewer people reading paper books.

Therefore, as a new New Yorker, this phenomenon has caused her great curiosity.

Every time she took the subway, she was thinking: What books are these people reading? Why did they choose those books? What story is told in the book?

So, in December 2015, Uli opened an Instagram account called the Subway Book Review.

She began to go to the subway to interview those who read, then gave them a photo of the book and asked them to talk about the book they were reading.

After the interview, she will upload photos and content to Instagram. Initially, she just wanted to record the reading moments of New Yorkers and share good books with everyone. Unexpectedly, she is on fire!

“MTR Book Review” now has 11w+ fans, and Uli has also become a famous blogger in New York.

Some old New Yorkers were very pleased to see this account. Some even commented: “Uly brought the lost New York subway culture back.”

Under the call of Uli, whether it is a New Yorker or a fan from other places, more and more people are starting to put down their mobile phones on the subway and pick up books.

Today, I have specially selected 2 excellent overseas books on the “Metro Book Review”. Let’s take a look at what New Yorkers are reading recently.

“Nobody tells you this”
No One Tells You This

Author: Mike Nichol Gelin Ni
Recommended index: ★★★★☆

“How would be if the story doesn’t end with marriage and childbirth?”

Verena, New York:

Reading this book is a pleasure. This book is about the author’s decision to live a life without children and lover when he was 40 years old. She realized that there was never a story about this life. As a person who is not sure if she wants a child, reading this story makes me feel very warm.

I am 35 years old now, I don’t want children now, but when I wake up every morning, I change my mind. In some ways, I think it takes a harder decision to have a child. After all, everyone does it. The last paragraph of this book really made me feel deeply. I don’t want to destroy it. I just want to say that whether you agree with this topic or not, the last paragraph is enough to justify picking up this book.


“A little Life”
A Little Life

Author: Hanya Yanagihara
Recommended index: ★★★★☆

“We cannot choose the environment in which we were born,
But you can find a real family in the outside world. ”

New Yorker Victor:

When I read this story, I almost cried. It tells the story of a group of friends who met from college. They are all male, but they are separated from the stereotype that “boys don’t cry.” Instead, they are vulnerable. Their lives are very difficult, especially if there is a person inside, he is inferior and afraid to be in contact with people, which is caused by his growing experience. However, with the help of friends, his mood has improved and he has learned to ease his pain. They are always friends with old friends, and their friendship transcends everything.

I think that as we grow up, making friends becomes difficult. I want to cultivate deeper friendships with my friends, especially male friends. But we are always hard to say “I love you” because we are afraid of being misunderstood. Regrettably, there are still people who believe that men cannot express their feelings. But I think the most important thing is that we can’t deny our feelings. We must take the initiative to build friendship.


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